Benefits of habit “Gratitude”

✓ Helps building new and improving current relationships.
✓ Enhances empathy.
✓ Reduces stress.
✓ Helps with self-esteem issues.
✓ Decreases feelings of guilt.
✓ Helps your mind rest as you sleep better without negative feelings.

First step:

Write down 1 thing you’re grateful / day


1. Start by writing 1 thing you’re grateful for each day and do this for a week.
2. Next week, start writing 2 things that you found gratitude for.
3. Repeat until you’re happy with the list you come up each day, or until you’re ready to express gratitude in practice.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Gratitude at the same time. Every habit needs routine, so writing down your gratitude on the same time every day can help make it habitual behavior. Try doing it in the evening before sleep.
✓ Trigger your memory. You should keep the notebook for the list of gratitude you wish to give at your bedside so you wouldn’t have a reason to forget.
✓ Let the app help. You can use the reminder feature in this app.
✓ Reward yourself. After a month of written gratitude, you can try getting something nice for the people you’re grateful to. Their smile and surpize will be the best reward.
✓ Celebrate small victories. Every time you perform this habit, congratulate yourself! Say “I’m awesome” or “I’m so cool” out loud and with a smile on your face.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Learn to notice. Good things can sometimes be very small and it’s important to spot and remember them. It can be a colleague that made you coffee when you were busy, or your significant other that made you dinner when you were late at work. And even miniscule things like not raining while you were commuting or getting last seat at the bus that was full.