Benefits of habit “Dress one step classier than your colleagues”

✓ Improves self-esteem
✓ Maintains professional appearance
✓ Builds confidence
✓ Can influence more opportunities at work

First step:

Get 1 new item to wear to work this week


1. Start off by surveying your work environment. How does everyone dress? If there is an office dress code, how much people adhere to it? Build a general sense of dress code in your workspace.
2. This week, buy 1 new piece of clothing (a jacket or a shirt, something visible) and dress up a notch.
3. Next week, buy 1 or 2 new items depending on your budget. Wear them with confidence.
4. Keep increasing your new items until you built a new wardrobe of classier clothing.
5. Alternatively, keep changing current ones regularly. Class is in never wearing the same thing two days in a row just as well.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓Set aside some time. Not only for shopping, which should be done regularly in this case, but for dressing up too. Take 5-10 extra minutes in the morning to dress yourself well. Also make Friday your shopping day to change your style.
✓Trigger your mind. The key here is to not go for the usual clothing. Hand out what you will be wearing the next day if you have to. That way, your brain will learn to go for a specific style.
✓Let the app help. A reminder function can help remember it’s shopping day, as well as remind you to find something to wear for the next day.
✓Make it a challenge. Use the app to openly challenge your friends to develop same habit OR make your own goal public with consequences in case of failure. Make up your own consequences, something that you wouldn’t want to do no matter what.
✓Reward yourself. In short term, after every time you consciously chose this habit, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how awesome you just did. In long term, once you’ve gone a month with classy outfits, go out and show your wardrobe outside of the office. Nothing like parading your new, classy habit for everyone to see.
✓Find a routine. Think of your daily routine and chose a habit you already have that dressing up for work can follow naturally. For example, planning an outfit in the evening before going to sleep is a great way to make it glassy and really put thought into the clothes you will wear.

Tips for beginners:

✓ It really can bring success. Often heard but ignored phrase “dress like your superiors” has more merit that it’s given credit. People choose others they want to communicate with based on looks and the more you look like them, the higher the chance they will want to collaborate – especially if they’re your bosses.
✓ It will build confidence. Not only will you feel better by wearing something nice, you will feel more confident. Heels for the ladies and tie for the guys – nothing inspires more confidence than a classy outfit.
✓ It will make you visible. Dressing better than your peers may feel like drawing too much attention to yourself at first, but it will make you more visible for people with career opportunities. Aim higher. It IS about your future after all.