Benefits of habit “Write down business ideas”

✓ Keeps you inspired
✓ Keeps track of your thoughts
✓ Brings order and planning;
✓ Can be shared in more concise manner

First step:

1 business idea this week


1. This week, write down 1 business idea that you remember the best. It can be one sentence or a whole plan, depending on how developed it is.
2. Next week, write down 2 business ideas.
3. Keep writing down until you write down at least 1 business idea every day.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time is key. Dedicate some time to write it down and do so in as much detail as possible. We recommend evenings before going to sleep.
✓ Trigger your mind. Dedicate a notebook for your ideas and place it somewhere visible so you wouldn’t miss it at home.
✓ Let the app help. You can set a reminder on this app to signal when it’s time for your ideas to flourish into paper.
✓ Reward yourself. Once you’ve gone a week writing down at least 1 idea per day, reward yourself by choosing 1 idea and doing first, easiest steps to realizing it. No greater reward than seeing your idea come to life.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Be meticulous. When you have a business idea, write it down in as much detail as possible. Also, list all available things you can do to make it happen. Can you open a company here and now? Perhaps you can find a client already? Order some raw materials? Things you can start doing, you should.
✓ Budget. The most important way a business can take off is budget. Calculate how much money you will need to start activities and list all possible ways you could get it. And get it. If you see budget will be a problem, return to your list and see which idea requires the least budget.
✓ Assemble a team. List out potential team members that could join you in your business venture. Even if you start alone, either freelancing or a 1-person company, you should still have a team in mind for future, bigger projects. One cannot be in business alone for long.
✓ Connections. List out connections you have and how they might help you in your venture. Perhaps they can be a guinea pig for your goods or services and leave your first review? Or they can spread the word in the right place to get your first gig. Don’t be afraid to ask, you might be surprised how willing people are to help you.