Benefits of habit “Do the most unappealing task first”

✓ Improves productivity
✓ Discourages postponing of tasks
✓ Clears backlog
✓ Enforces self-discipline
✓ Improves image of professionalism

First step:

1 task per day


1. Today, take a look at your MIT:s (Most Important Things) and choose to do the task that puts you off the most. Don’t do any other tasks before it’s finished. Do this every day with 1 task for a week.
2. Next week, list 2 such unappealing tasks and do them first thing.
3. Keep increasing until all tasks of your worst nightmares are done before any other work.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time is key. Just like with any planning of tasks, this determination of most unpleasant tasks should be done at the same time to make it a habit. We recommend first thing in the morning.
✓ Trigger your mind. Have a sticker reminding you that it’s un-pleasantries first when it comes to doing your tasks.
✓ Let the app help. The reminder function can help when it’s time for your daily task planning. You may also use the calendar to fill out days you missed or succumbed to postponing an unpleasant task.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Push yourself. Look at the bright side: once you’re done with the task now, it won’t come back to you after that. Motivate yourself to finish the most unpleasant thing first thing in the morning so you won’t have to think about it the rest of the day.
✓ Plan accordingly. Once you know your tasks of the day or week, plan them not just by time and resources it will take to complete, but also by pleasure this task will give you while doing it. That way, your list of priorities will be very clear.