How to sort habits on the main window?

You can indicate a time by which you plan to do your habit:

Habit -> Settings -> Day time / Reminders -> Day time

Depending on what time you set, the habit will be sorted on the main window. The earlier the time, the more up the list the habit is sorted. That is why when changing the time of the habit, you can also easily change where it is sorted.


In the main window, the habits have red and blue stripes on their sides. What do those mean?

For your every habit, you can choose a time by which you plan to do it:

Habit -> Settings -> Day time / Reminders -> Day time

If you haven’t completed your habit today, but the its deadline hasn’t passed yet, the stripe is blue. If the deadline has passed and the habit is not completed yet, the stripe is red, calling you to hurry up and complete your habit.


In the main window, under each habit there is an emoji. What do they mean?

These emojis show the progress of your habit over the last 7 weeks.

What to do if I accidentally clicked Done on the habit and want to take it back?

Once you click Done, on the upper right of the habit window appears an arrow, which when clicked will return the habit to incomplete status.


How to create a habit that would has a timer?

When creating a habit, go to Habit type -> Timer

An existing habit’s type can always be changed: Habit -> Settings -> Habit type -> Timer


How to create a habit that I want to repeat several times per day?

When creating a habit, go to Habit type -> Counter

An existing habit’s type can always be changed: Habit -> Settings -> Habit type -> Counter


What type of habit should I choose, if I want to get rid of a bad habit I do every day?

Best is to choose the Bad Habit type: Habit > Settings > Habit type > Bad habit

When choosing this habit, a timer will start, showing you how long you managed without doing the bad habit that day. When you can see the numbers increasing, it’s easier to stay motivated. The best part is that the habit will automatically mark itself as successful and only the time you will crack and do the bad habit again, you will need to press X. Then the timer will restart from the next day.


What to do if I performed the habit yesterday, but forgot to mark it as done?

At the top of the main window, select a past date, then change the status of the habit on that day. Also you may just click on the name of the habit on the main window. When the calendar pops up, choose the date you missed the habit and change its status.


How to set a goal for a habit?

For any habit, you can set a goal by going to Habit -> Settings -> Target

You can set a goal from a number of suggested ones, but also set a date by which the goals must be met. After the goal is reached or the due date has come, the app will notify you about the goal reach success or failure.


What is the Watchlist used for?

If from our 300 habit offers you find one that you really like, but don’t want to or can’t start developing it yet, you can add it to the Watchlist. At the bottom of habit description, you will find a heart-shaped icon. Press on it and the habit will be placed on your Watchlist. Later you will find the list on the Menu – bottom right button -> Watchlist.


What to do if I want to create a habit I won’t be doing every day?

Habit -> Settings ->Frequency

You can choose:

How many times per week you want to develop this habit? (e.g. 3 days out of 7) Or per month? (e.g. 15 days out of 30);

On which exact dates will you want to perform this habit? (e.g. Wednesdays and Sundays during the week, or month days of 1, 5, 24, 30)

If you choose certain week or month days, the habit will only show up on the main window on those days.


How to set habit reminders?

When creating a new habit, the app automatically sets a reminder on the time of habit creation. You can change reminder time by going to Habit -> Settings -> Day time / Reminders -> Reminder


What to do if I don’t get any reminders?

There can be several reasons as to why you’re not getting reminders:

You haven’t set up the app to send you a reminder about a certain habit. You can do this by going to Habit -> Settings -> Day time / Reminders -> Reminder;

You haven’t given required permissions to the app to send you notifications. This can be changed in your phone’s settings;

Your phone battery optimization settings block the New Habit app from sending you notifications. The permission to do so can be granted by going into your phone’s settings, finding the battery controls and giving required permissions for notifications.


Is it compulsory to take the suggested first step of each habit?

Absolutely not. First step is just our recommendation. You must choose the size and scope of your new habit and its first step.


How to invite friends to develop the same habit and where to see common stats?

When creating a habit, choose the Challenges option and enter your friend’s email address. If you want to invite a friend to co-develop an already existing habit, go to Habit -> Settings -> Challenge a friend. When your friends accept the challenge, in the habit statistics you will see both of your progress. You will find at Habit -> Stats


What is the Premium habit type Important?

If you mark a habit as Important, in the habit list it will always be on top and it will be marked among all other habits. It’s useful to mark several top habits as Important. You can do this by going to Habit -> Settings -> Premium options -> Important.


What benefits are there from the Prize option in the Premium functions?

You can set a prize that you will dedicate to yourself after you achieve a goal. After your goals are reached, we will inform you about the achievement and the prize you deserve.

You can set a prize at Habit -> Settings -> Premium options -> Prize

Goals can be set at Habit -> Settings -> Target

What benefits are there from Money or Time saved options in the Premium functions?

If your habit saves you money or time, you can track how much per day you save in Habit -> Stats. The app will calculate how much time or money you already saved. It’s yet another way to motivate yourself to keep up with your new habit.

You can find the money or time saving calculation in Habit -> Settings -> Premium options -> Saved money & time


How to find a habit if you don’t do it every day and it’s not in today’s main window?

All your habits can be found through the Main Menu (lower right corner) -> My Habits


How to delete a habit?

Habit -> Settings -> Remove habit


How to delete my account?

Main Menu button -> Settings -> Delete account


Using Invite Friends function, I invited some of my friends to use the New Habit app. Why can’t I see them as confirmed?

To see your friends as confirmed, they must register and start using the app.


How to mute the application sounds?

Main menu button -> Settings -> Application sounds


What does the function Hide accomplished habits mean?

If you chose a habit that you will do just a few times per month or week AND this function is on, after reaching your goals, the habit will no longer appear in the main window until the next cycle starts.

You can reach this function via Main menu button -> Settings -> Hide accomplished habits.


How to enter information on a certain habit?

Information about the habit you created can be entered at Habit -> Descriptions. Here you can change the name of the habit. Information about a habit from our suggestions can be noted at Habit -> Settings -> Premium options -> Notes


What does the Negative type of habit mean when choosing between Timer and Counter types?

That means that this habit will count as successful, if during the day you won’t reach the required number of actions or time. For example, if you want to check Facebook no more than 3 times per day, choose a negative habit type and hold that your goal won’t be reached if you checked Facebook 4 times. Each day you put down 3 checks or lower will be counted as successes.


What to do if I was developing a habit before getting New Habit app and want to enter past dates and information?

Press on the name of the habit in the main window. A calendar will pop up and pressing on the days in the calendar you can add to them or change their statuses.


What to do if I started using New Habit app without registration and want to save my data?

You can always register through the Main menu button -> Settings –> Sign up


What will happen to my data if I start using New Habit app on a new phone?

You will log into your account and see all your data. You can use the New Habit app only on one phone at a time.


What would you recommend to develop a new habit?

Start with a small step and don’t take breaks in performing the habit. For example, if you want to develop a habit to read books, have a goal to read at least one page per day. JUST DON’T SKIP A DAY. Each habit we prepared has a lot of useful advice that will help you develop new habits faster.


Where can I see a holistic view of my habit stats?

At the bottom of the main window, press on the Statistics icon and you will find at the bottom of the page, all your habits and how you did developing them over last week.


Why some of the habits of famous people have descriptions and some not?

If the habit of the celebrity is amongst our suggested habits, you will see its description. However, famous people have a lot of extremely specific habits that only they have and we have not prepared their descriptions.


In the main window, in the upper right of every habit, there’s a small X. What does it do?

Pressing on this button immediately marks the habit as unsuccessful (i.e. you did not reach your goals).


How to see a certain habit’s statistics?

In the main window, press on the name of any habit and you will be taken to that habit’s stat page. Usually it shows the statistics of the last month, but any period can be chosen.


How to see statistics of all my habits?

At the bottom of the main window, press on the Statistics icon. Here you will see overall stats of your habits, various angles and our recommendations. Usually, the stats of last week are shown, but the period can be changed.


What to do if I don’t want to see ads?

After purchasing our Premium membership, you will no longer see the ads.


What are the benefits of the Premium membership?

You will no longer see any ads. You will be able to create an unlimited number of habits (usually limited to 5). You will be able to use the Dark Mode, as well as additional resources when creating habits and choosing various functions, only available to premium members. And most importantly, you will be part of the New Habit app development process, which we will be ever so grateful for


How to turn on Dark Mode?

Main menu button -> Settings -> Dark Mode (Premium feature)