Benefits of habit “Building your social network”

✓ Easier to connect to people around the world
✓ Easier accessibility to social groups and communities
✓ Helps promote creative content
✓ Possibility for business opportunities and growth
✓ Source of gratification – and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that

First step:

Start with 1 post per week


1. Start by choosing one or more social networks
2. Post 1 item per week to one or all networks you’ve chosen for 1 month
3. Increase your posting to 2 the posts per week on the second month
3. Keep increasing, until you have desired audience engagement or reached your own activity goals

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Do it at the same time. Not only it is important for developing a habit of posting, but also to choose the right time so your audience can see it for sure. It is recommended to post either in the morning before lunch or in the evening between 5-6pm.
✓ Set a trigger. Whatever your chosen topic of content, remind yourself to post about it by placing notes in visible places. Alternatively, set items you will want to post about in a place you won’t be able to miss when getting back home.
✓ Set a reminder. This app has a reminder function that can help you remember to post.
✓ Make it a challenge. Use the app to openly challenge your friends to develop same habit OR make your own goal public with consequences in case of failure. Make up your own consequences, something that you wouldn’t want to do no matter what.
✓ Reward yourself. In short term, after every time you consciously chose this habit, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how awesome you just did. In long term, once you reach certain milestones – number of likes, followers or shares – thank your audience for engaging with your content and watch them encourage you further. Also get yourself a treat. You’re a social media personality now!
✓ Find a routine. Think of your daily routine and chose a habit you already have that posting on social media can follow naturally. For example, if you have a commute time during which you don’t need to drive, make use of that time and post on social media.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Audience engagement. Your posts will go out into the void if you won’t be able to encourage people on sharing your posts. Make sure you do, asking politely is a good first step. Also participate in other people’s comment sections in order to get yourself known on your chosen topic.
✓ Creativity is key. Any post you make, if not absolutely original, should still be done by you. Try finding your style own of taking pictures, maybe your own writing or certain hashtags. Your audience will appreciate and notice it.
✓ Statistics and hashtags. In order to be visible, you should learn to look into statistics, trending topics and using hashtags. Internet works on data and social media is part of internet. You should be able to use basic integrated statistics tools to see what post works and which ones don’t.