Benefits of habit “Ask open-ended questions”

✓ Improves communication skills
✓ Improves inter-personal relations
✓ Creates meaningful conversations

First step:

Once a day


When you start a conversation this week, start by asking “How are you today”. Take note of how people react and how they answer. Keep doing this as often as possible;
Next week, start adding another open-ended question to your “arsenal” for you to ask;
Start replacing “do”, “who” and “which” with “how”, “why”, and “in what way”;
Keep practicing until you feel conversations are going better.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

1. Same time of the conversation and with the same triggers. Listen for certain conversational triggers. If you receive yes/no answers, try asking “why”
2. Set a reminder. Use the app to set a reminder before going into a meeting to ask open-ended questions
3. Reward yourself. Feel that your conversations are improving? Why not go further and treat yourself to a book or seminar about conversations?

Tips for beginners:

✓ Start from basics. Try asking the question “why” more often and where it matters, but don’t overdo it
✓ There are no stupid questions. Open-ended questions are meant to allow people to clarify their point of view. In doubt what somebody meant? Don’t be afraid to ask
✓ Openness is key. Such questions set yourself apart by looking at all the possible details. It’s appreciated both at work as well as with friends