Benefits of habit “Use NLP techniques”

✓ Improves productivity
✓ Helps managing mood
✓ Helps get through difficult situations
✓ Helps build rapport with people
✓ Improves emotional state

First step:

Use 1 NLP technique this week


1. This week, choose one, most relevant NLP technique and apply it in one or more situations. Try just one technique this week.
2. Next week, try two NLP techniques in relevant situations.
3. Keep increasing the number of techniques until it is natural for you to use them.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time is key. It is almost impossible to determine the same time to USE the technique, but quite possible to set aside same time to learn about it. Before you use a technique, study it well at the same time.
✓ Trigger your mind. Have a note reminding you to use the technique somewhere visible, or put the book about NLP somewhere it can always remind you of it.
✓ Let the app help. Set a reminder on the app before you leave home to ring you about using NLP that day.
✓ Reward yourself. Once you’ve gone a full week of using NLP techniques every day, reward yourself by listing all the things that you achieved by using these techniques and raise a glass of champagne over it. Celebrate your achievements!
✓ Celebrate small victories. Every time you perform this habit, congratulate yourself! Say “I’m awesome” or “I’m so cool” out loud and with a smile on your face.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Take stock. Before you start using NLP, first you should take stock of where you need them the most. If you’re in a bad emotional state and need to change your mood, focus on techniques that do that. If you need help at working with people – choose relevant techniques.
✓ Study. It is recommended to study all possible techniques before applying them practically. Make sure you know what you’re doing, but don’t be afraid if it doesn’t work at first. All programming takes time to settle into our brain.
✓ Talk to a professional. If there are courses in your area, it would be a good idea to take them and consult someone who has practical experience in applying NLP. Try learning from the best.