Benefits of habit “Stop leaving things to the last minute”

✓ Reduces stress
✓ Reduces anxiety
✓ Improves quality of your work
✓ Improves planning skills
✓ Leaves more time for rest

First step:

Once a week


1. Today, sit down and spend time looking over and planning 1 project ahead of time. Establish deadlines and plan what needs to be done to complete it. Start working on it this week.
2. Next week, do the same to 2 projects. They can be big or small, long or short term. Make sure you plan them accurately and don’t leave submissions to last minute.
3. Keep this up until you plan ahead every project and finish it well before the deadline.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time is key. Only this time your goal should be that you plan your project ahead as soon as you get it. It should become second nature to you to overview the deadlines and plan necessary steps.
✓ Trigger your mind. Have your planner somewhere always visible so you wouldn’t be tempted to leave a project for the last minute.
✓ Let the app help. Use the reminder function to ring once or twice a week to remind you about planning and its benefits.
✓ Reward yourself. Once you’ve gone a month of planning every project ahead of time, reward yourself by going out and trying a new activity that you can now pick up due to well planned and executed project.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Be realistic. When setting goals and steps in relation to a deadline, be realistic when planning each project. Don’t put up goals that are unachievable in terms of time or effort.
✓ Project scope. Whether big or small, each project has its own scope Be aware of it. Planning may become much more complicated when more people get involved. Account for that as well.
✓ Take notes. Deadlines, comments, ideas – take notes for every project and use them while you plan and execute. That will increase your productivity, speed of execution and will reduce time waste as you will already have all the fact necessary.