Benefits of habit “Say no”

✓ Improves confidence
✓ Improves self-esteem
✓ Helps improve time management
✓ Prioritizes your own time

First step:

Once a week


1. Say “no” once a week
2. Next week do it twice
3. Keep increasing until you feel happy with results

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Set a time to respond. It is very rare that you need to respond on the spot
✓ Set a mental trigger. If you already said yes, look at your schedule and come back with a “no” if your time does not permit to honor your commitment
✓ Set a reminder. Let the app help remind you to review your schedule your commitments. Being aware of your commitments will give you the ammo to say “no”
✓ Reward yourself. Use the newly found free time and confidence to relax. Out for a shopping spree? Or just a lazy night in? Your choice

Tips for beginners:

✓ It’s hard. No doubt about it, we all want to be liked by others. But you have to respect and like yourself the most
✓ “I’ll see what I can do”. Make sure you make it obvious that you are not being malicious in your response, but simply already have prior commitments
✓ Not always “no”. Sometimes you don’t get to have a say, but don’t bottle up the fact that your time may not permit a good outcome of the task