Benefits of habit “Practice being more charismatic”

✓ Improves your social skills
✓ Helps develop look of professionalism
✓ Helps maintain a good social network
✓ Opens up opportunities
✓ Helps maintain meaningful relationships

First step:

Have 1 charismatic conversation


1. This week, have 1 social interaction where you’re mindful of your charismatic behavior. Charisma consists of three core behaviors: Presence, Power and Warmth. Use all of them to engage in your social interaction. More detailed explanations are in tips for beginners
2. Next week, have 2 social interactions using Presence, Power and Warmth technique
3, Keep increasing the number, until your every social interaction contains the three charisma attributes

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Trigger your mind. Since not all social interactions can be planned on the same time, make sure to actively remember that when you meet a person, it’s time to apply the Presence, Power, Warmth rule to the conversation. In time, your brain will learn to do it automatically.
✓ Let the app help. Once you know a meeting, whether work related or social one, will take place, set the app to remind you to use the charismatic approach.
✓ Reward yourself. Once you’ve gone through at least 5 social interactions successfully using your charisma, reward yourself by taking a group of people out for dinner and keep using the technique. Enjoy the benefits of your new habit.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Learn the three core behaviors of charisma. Presence, Power and Warmth.
✓ Presence. Be present in the conversation. Don’t look at your phone, look straight at the person you’re talking to, ensure them you’re listening and really DO listen. Let the other party talk more than you do, note what they were saying and answer with relevance.
✓ Power. Although you let the other party talk, project power by steering the conversation to where you want it to go, but do so gently. Agree on the points the other party were making, voice your own opinion and then ask related question, but that relates to the topic you’re interested in. Remember, the power is in asking the right questions – that’s how you steer the conversation.
✓ Warmth. Small favors, little gifts, a warm smile – generally giving before you receive is a great way to get people to warm up to you and so is the core behavior to adopt for charisma. While listening to the other party and steering the conversation, don’t act self-important, but take full interest in what they are saying and greet their thoughts with warmth and acceptance – even if you disagree.