Benefits of habit “Pick up litter”

✓ Improves your environment
✓ Boost the sense of achievement
✓ Can help inspire others to do the same

First step:

Pick up trash once a week


1. Once per week, take a trash bag with you and pick up litter on your way home or during a walk.
2. Next week, do the same twice.
3. Keep increasing the number of times you take trash bag with you until you do so every day.

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time is key. Whether it’s on the way home from work, on your usual walk or other occasion you go outside, take the trash bag with you on the same occasion and same time. That way it will be easier to make it a habit.
✓ Trigger your mind. Have the trash bags present at the door as soon as you step in or out, so you wouldn’t miss them.
✓ Let the app help. Use the reminder function of this app to help you remember it’s litter picking time.
✓ Reward yourself. Once you’ve gone a full week collecting trash on your usual route, celebrate it by taking a picture of trash bags you filled with litter and sharing it on social media. Not only for appreciation, but to inspire everyone to do the same.
✓ Celebrate small victories. Every time you perform this habit, congratulate yourself! Say “I’m awesome” or “I’m so cool” out loud and with a smile on your face.

Tips for beginners:

✓ Don’t be shy. Randomly picking up litter on your way is not something people do every day, that is true, but don’t be shy about it. Your behavior is not shameful and should inspire others around you.
✓ Recycle. Spend some time separating types of trash when it’s time to throw them, or carry separate bags for different types of trash.
✓ Wear gloves. Although it might be an overkill, but safety first. Try wearing gloves specifically for trash collection, making it even more like a ritual.