Benefits of habit “Carry business cards with you everywhere”

✓ Always prepared for a potential business contact
✓ Creates a routine of preparedness
✓ Improves networking
✓ Improves credibility

First step:

Pack up a business card holder at the start of the week


1. Once a week check how many business cards to you have in your card holder and refill it. Make sure to place it in your work bag or pant pockets
2. Next month, start carrying back-up cards in your wallet. Make sure to check how many you have twice a week
3. Start checking your pockets and make sure you have your card carrier with you

Helpful tips to make it a habit:

✓ Same time checks. Set a schedule to check how many business cards you have and where they are
✓ Set a mental trigger. To make sure you always have them with you, check that most of your business cards are next to your wallet. Never leave home without it
✓ Set a reminder. Use this app to remind yourself to check for your cards before you leave home
✓ Reward yourself. Make sure to keep it classy going forward and get yourself a classy card holder

Tips for beginners:

✓ Phone, keys, wallet, what else? Make sure you add the business cards to your mental checklist before leaving home
✓ Memorable means practical. A memorable business card can make a lasting impression, so don’t be shy to be creative with it
✓ Preparation is key. And there is no further proof of that more obvious than having a usness card with you